Home Studio Revamp

This is my current workspace y'all. You don't want to see what I was working with before, ha! As a solopreneur and mother of a terrific 2-year old, I've had to switch things up a bit to maintain the physical space I need without overwhelming the rest of the home with my stuff. My ultimate goal is to convert my garage into a super comfy home studio for escaping screaming toddlers and feeding my creative dragons.

I share this picture of my current workspace for 2 reasons. Now that I've publicly declared that I'm going to hook up my workspace means that I actually have to do it y'all keep me on my toes, lol. I've also received a few requests for videos which is a possibility for Dope Crochet in the near future. 

The garage transformation is underway.  And of course, I'll be back to share with y'all. If you've got a dope workspace in your home, I'd love to see it. Shoot your girl a link, bruh!

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