30-Day Project Challenge: Day 1

30-Day Project Challenge: Day 1

Month long crochet projects aren't for me. Seriously. We all started crocheting afghans and scarves at one point, but at some point, we are drawn towards other things. More awesome things. :) 

The point of this post is I want to do 30 days of projects where I create something new to me. Using patterns or ideas in my head. I'll post my daily creation on Instagram and here on the blog. 

30 Day Challenge #1

Today's creation was a tiny bouquet. I found the pattern on Ravelry and modified a bit to create crochet stems. See you tomorrow!


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This is awesome. May i join in the challenge or is it too late to join? Im a beginner, this could be a challenge and a great lesson for me to learn and improvise myself.


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