The Dojo

The Dojo

The Dojo

This blog life is growing on me, y'all! Thank you for your patience - your girl is working on it! 

So much to share...where should I begin?! Ah, yes! The Dojo. 

The Dojo is a project I recently launched with two sister-friends of mine. We had our first squad photo shoot a while back and recently received a dope feature from our crazy-talented photographer, Leandra Blei. She's incredible at what she does - I rarely enjoying stepping in front of the camera and she made me feel so at ease. She's also really affordable so work with her NOW before the world discovers how awesome she is,lol! 

You can check out her full blog post on working with us and see all of the incredible pics here.

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Wonderful pic showing the true express of good energy!


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