Yarn Bomb or Nah?

Yarn Bomb or Nah?

Bike Yarn Bomb - Dope Crochet

Y'all know me. You know that Dope Crochet was born out of something I just love to do. I never thought I would see the success and support I've received after deciding to make it a business. Blessed is what I am.

Earlier this month, I received a text message from a friend who was approached by a major company in need of yarn bomb work for a national commercial. Wait a minute, whaaaat? I had to look at the text a couple of times before it really set in.

Talk about a humbling, life-changing moment - I felt so blessed to be considered for this opportunity. Of course, I hopped on the phone right away, got the details, and accepted the task. My first yarn bomb commission. For a national Samsung commercial. Dopeness.

I was preparing for a girls trip to Afropunk so there wasn't much time to get it done. I actually had about 2 days. With tons of caffeine, Jo-Ann runs, Netflix, and love and support form family and friends, I was able to get it done before my flight. 

I learned quite a bit about yarn bombing in the process and I plan to do a video or separate post about it soon. As soon as the commercial is available, you know I'll be sharing it here! In the meantime, you can check out the time lapse video of most of the process on my YouTube channel, here.

Yarn Bomb Giveaway: To celebrate with you all, I will be hosting a yarn bomb giveaway! Yay! Stay tuned to the blog and Dope Crochet on social media for more info and to enter the contest! Thanks so much for reading! 






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