DIY Floral Photo Background

DIY Floral Photo Background


I recently hosted a bohemian/floral-themed event at my home. The floral vine centerpieces for each table were a team effort and a true labor of love (thanks friends)! Most of the decor and supplies came from my local craft stores (Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Home Depot), but the ready-made centerpieces were too costly and not quite what I was looking for.

So, I purchased the vines, fake flower bouquets, and floral wires to create them myself. After the event, I didn't want to toss them so they have been repurposed into a floral photo backdrop that will be used until my crawling baby rips it down. :)

If you want to give this a shot yourself, follow these simple steps. First, I snipped the prettiest flowers from the bouquet and set them aside. Then I cut the bunches of leaves from the bouquet as well. You will want to be sure to conceal any wire that was exposed after cutting the leaves and flowers off. Take a piece of floral wire and strategically attach them to the vine. When attaching the leaves, nest them under the flowers or other foliage so they blend naturally. That's how I made the centerpieces.

Now, to make the photo backdrop, you will need to affix some faux foliage or vine to your wall. Arrange it like a square without the bottom. Then take each of the floral centerpieces by the vine (there were 6) and wrapped them around the top of the square shape. Be sure to wrap each of the vine ends around the top and sides to ensure it blends naturally. You can use nails to reinforce the placement and stability. And voila!  You have your floral photo backdrop. 

For more craft-centered DIY, check out my other blog, Enjoy!

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