Dope Crochet Wholesale Prices are as follows: 30% of retail prices for all products available on our Wholesale page of the website. Online pricing is subject to change at owner discretion.

There is a minimum order of $300.00 on all wholesale orders. The maximum order amount is $1000 per order. May be subject to change at the discretion of the owner.


Our contracted shipping carrier is USPS. We use USPS Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and insurance. Unless you request a quicker mode of shipping or are within 20 miles of our office, orders will ship via USPS Priority Mail. We include the cost of packaging materials in the shipping total on all orders.


The arrival date of your order depends on size of order, requirements of special ordering, timely receipt of payment or transfer of funds, etc. Processing time for your order is generally 10 - 20 business days from receipt of payment, depending on the size of your order. If needed, please request a delivery estimate for your specific order. Please be aware that high production times such as the fall and winter holiday season may delay production times.


All payments are processed via our online shop. Production on your order will begin following receipt of payment and upon obtaining large-quantity supplies necessary to complete your order. Ordering these supplies for your large or custom order can often take 7-10 business days to arrive to Dope Crochet for us to continue production (subject to our suppliers schedule).

We are not responsible for degradation of the earrings that occurs as a result of storage or extreme heat that does not occur at our location.

In the event that Dope Crochet experiences personal tragedy, health problems, or death while working on an order for you, our designated plan would be to contact you via a representative of ours, to explain the state of affairs, or, we can refund you your money on any uncompleted portion of your order and forward any already-completed portion as per terms of shipping/pick-up by your transport/carrier arrangements.

Due to the handmade natural aspect of our products, we do not accept product/shipment returns, nor issue credits or refunds of our products. If there is a problem that you believe is our responsibility, you or your receiving appointee must report it to us immediately upon receipt/inspection of your shipment. We would require that all or a portion of the defective product be sent to us for our evaluation of the problem to determine if the product requires being replaced at Dope Crochet’s expense. If Dope Crochet is responsible for the defect, shipping of returned product will be paid for by Dope Crochet.

Displaying our Work

We love to show off our work and we reserve the right to display our branded earring or product cards. Dope Crochet products should not be advertised as anyone else’s work, other than Dope Crochet.

Terms of Purchase

By completing your purchase, you agree to the above terms of the Dope Crochet wholesale agreement. You may request a copy of this agreement or reach out to us via email with any questions at before completing your purchase.